Cleaning a whiteboard to remove dry erase marker, marker residue, shadows, and left over marks and discolorations is easy. This process is especially effective for removing older dry erase marker that’s especially hard to clean using a dry erase marker.

As web designers we use dry erase whiteboards all day and every day. We often find it hard to remove dry erase notes from our whiteboards if they’ve sat for longer than 24 hours. That was until we discovered this new process. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Buy some rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), the higher the percentage of isopropyl the better.

Step 2 – Buy a clean sponge or paper towels.

Step 3 – Do an initial clean up of the whiteboard with a dry erase marker to get the first layer off.

Step 4 – Pour a small splash of rubbing alcohol onto your sponge or paper towel, and start lightly wiping the whiteboard acheter cialis france pharmacie.

Step 5 – Watch the stains, discolorations, old text, and residue disappear.