Terminology and common language used to describe things changes from time to time. Certain terms come into style, and become trendy for a little while, while others stand the test of time. Digital marketing can be defined as marketing to prospective customers via their electronics – their smart phones, their computers, their tablets, their Xboxes and Playstations, and their emails.

Previously known as . . .

It was not so long ago, digital marketing was referred to as internet marketing, or online marketing, or web marketing. It’s important to remember that advertising to a users cell phone would not fit neatly into any of the previous descriptions, thus the popularity of digital marketing.

What falls into Digital Marketing?

If you’re walking down the street past a pizza place, and receive a text on your phone alerting you to a dinner special they are currently running at said pizza place, you are being marketed to via your cell phone. Marketing to users tablets, gaming consoles, and others all falls into this same category.

What type of marketing falls into this category?

These can be push type campaigns where messages or ads are sent to your electronic device, or pull style where you are presented with the ability to electively download a product or service (e.g. game, ring tone, app, etc). Particular focus is currently being placed on targeting ads and marketing effort to the key decision makers and those that can influence the decision maker.

So there you have it digital marketing is a way of marketing to users various electronic items.