We are search engine optimization (SEO) experts, who routinely work with partner agencies to ensure websites will generate traffic as part of a re-design or refresh project. We also partner with social media marketing agencies, search engine marketing agencies, and others to ensure their efforts are tracked, reported on, and conversions are optimized once users reach the site.

We Are Collaborators

We value our partnerships, and strive to be collaborative partners working together to ensure our Clients success.

We are able to work as sub-contractors to your team, or as independent contractors. We have various means of compensating our partner agencies in either case. Contact us to discuss the options.

Request a Proposal

We invite you to Request a Proposal (see below for link) if you’re an agency providing a service to your clients, and you’re looking for a partner to help with:

  • Traffic – we can generate increased traffic via SEO, Content, and Social Media
  • Website Monetization – we can optimize sites for conversion rates, and introduce new revenue streams
  • Tracking and Reporting – we can setup the tracking and reporting needed
  • Content Strategy – we can develop editorial calendars and roadmaps so every dollar spent on content yields a return

Partner Testimonials

Ken just gets it – he understands how to architect a win – win partnership and consistently aligns his business unit up with the right partners and terms.
Christina R., Leaf Group
Ken’s breath of knowledge and positive attitude makes working with him on everything from building impactful traffic strategies to monetization and driving amazing site usability a fun and rewarding experience.
Dave N., Urban Spoon
Ken really knows his business and understands intuitively how to create win/win relationships on the web with a network of partners.
John L., Shale Development
Do business with Ken and you’ll wonder why other relationships don’t run as smoothly.
Don P., BestFit Mobile