We offer a variety of SEO services which can be provided a la carte to address specific opportunities or issues, or as part of a holistic plan to improve site performance across the board.

SEO Strategy

Our SEO Strategy work provides a quick boost to organic traffic, in particular for those sites with existing content and authority. The infrastructure and key pages of your website need regular development and updating to stay fresh and relevant for the search engines. As we target new search phrases, optimize both old and new content, and fix structural issues, your website will become visible to more prospects and your traffic will continue to grow.

Competitive Research & Analysis

Few businesses exist without competition, and it’s critical that we understand who are competitors are and how they are positioning themselves, Our competitive analysis will provide the understanding of how your competitors market online which we’ll use to out-perform your competition.

SEO Site Audit

We start by understanding what we are starting with a site audit. This helps us to understand the overall health of the site, what areas are performing, and which areas require work. We’ll review the data to understand:

  • How much traffic your site is generating
  • Where your site traffic is coming from
  • What content is most popular
  • What content is generating the most business

SEO Keyword Analysis

It’s critical that we understand what people are searching for in relation to your services and products, and so we perform a Keyword Research and Analysis to determine what terms and phrases are searching on most. We use that keyword data to identify opportunities at each stage of the purchasing process to capture customers and grow your business. This ensures that you are creating content which will have a positive impact on your traffic and brand.

A typical product of this process lays out:

  • What keywords and phrases to target on your site
  • What articles, blogs, and videos to create to boost your brand
  • The potential traffic for each keyword or phrase
  • The competition level for each keyword or phrase
  • The priority for each each keyword or phrase

Google Ranking (or Pagerank)

Google (and Bing) provide all domains with a page rank, also known as a Google ranking or site authority. It’s a score from 0 to 10, and it’s based on a complex calculation that factors in age of the domain, backlinks from other trusted sites, site speed, on-page SEO, how users respond to your content, and several other things. We strive to implement the techniques and items that will improve your page rank, and we avoid the risky methods that can damage your rank.

A typical product of this process lays out:

  • What keywords and phrases to target on your site
  • What articles, blogs, and videos to create to boost your brand
  • The potential traffic for each keyword or phrase
  • The competition level for each keyword or phrase
  • The priority for each each keyword or phrase

On-Page SEO

Once we have the right content mix identified it’s time to lay out the elements of each page so it performs in Google Searches. For each and every page in scope, we’ll lay out the:

  • Page Titles
  • Headings (H1, h2, h3), and
  • Meta Descriptions
  • URL recommendations


Customers trust third party endorsements from trusted sites. Every properly placed backlink from one site to yours can add value. Google looks positively on these types of backlinks, and investing effort here will help build pagerank and drive more traffic to your site. We incorporate backlinking into our holistic SEO strategy development.

SEO and Social Media

Social Media, especially platforms such as Google’s own Google+ can have a profound impact on a sites performance in search results. Just importantly, Social Media posts must be implemented to provide the maximum benefit to organic search – this is most often overlooked. It’s important that our strategy be inclusive of these platforms to generate the best return on our SEO effort.

Measure & Adjust

SEO is an ongoing process. We make adjustments, and then we monitor to see how Google processes those changes. Monitoring and interpreting analytics data is the most effective method for understanding success and identifying new opportunities for your campaigns. We actively monitor keyword rankings for our ongoing SEO projects, analytics and adjust your strategy as needed. This recurring cycle of adjusting and measuring allows us to make a big impact and to maximize your ROI.

SEO Testimonials

Ken has a unique ability to seamlessly blend SEO considerations with the utmost concern for usability while still hitting the mark for monetizing our web properties.
Nick A., iSpot TV
Being on a project with Ken meant that things would be super organized, thought out, and have the input of all of the major stake holders. It would blend together all of the important aspects of UI/UX design and would treat SEO as a major consideration instead of an after thought.
Amin T., Rightside
Ken is a super sharp entrepreneur and visionary. He is able to lead teams that build products with high emphasis on usability and SEO in mind. His collaborative personality and leadership with strong ownership of products and deliverables makes him perfect for any company.
Marcin N., SEO Moz
Ken is a true genius at creating, managing and monetizing web properties. At, he led an amazing team to create the #1 outdoor destination website in the USA, and now he’s at it again with! I have had a truly amazing time working with Ken on our monetization efforts.
Erik M., Shelfbucks
Ken is by far one of the most insightful people I have worked with. He has an amazing attitude and resonates passion towards web technology in everything he does. He truly gets excited about problems, solving them, and using web technology to do so. Ken loves to move quickly, get things done, and have an impact. I find it amazingly easy to work with Ken when dealing with SEO.
Dave N., Urban Spoon
Ken leads and manages the business with an entrepreneurial focus and intensity.His ability to build large amounts of traffic while maintaining the integrity of the Trails brand is tremendous. The one thing that separates Ken from other website managers that I’ve worked with is his ability to effectively monetize incoming traffic and focus his efforts on the highest ROI ventures.
Jim B., Workday