If you read the first installment of our HookandBullet re-design post, you know we made some big changes to entire site including the Body of Water pages. Initial results were very promising. Here you’ll find the results (for what we determined to be the key success criteria) a week after our initial launch.

Results (1 week after launch)


AdSense Page RPMs (revenue per thousand impressions) jumped from its average of $2.34 for the 30 days prior to the launch of the re-design, to an impressive $8.06. That’s an increase of 244%. Click thru rate on ads exploded up from 0.45% to 0.83% representing a 84% increase.

AdSense-Page-RPM-1-Week-after-RedesignResult: Major improvement. 


Indexed PagesIndexed-Pages-1-Week-after-Redesign

Indexed pages were hovering around 640,000 before the re-design. Indexed pages (as shown by Google Webmaster Tools aka Google Search Console) showed 1,181,439 pages indexed of the 3,124,985 pages in our sitemap. That’s an increase in pages indexed of 85%.

Result: Major improvement. 





Site Speed (Page Load Time)


Site speed dropped from its average of 1.7seconds to 0.305  seconds. That’s a decrease of approximately 82%. Note: Page caching has kicked in by now, and so we’re seeing the real page speed measurements.

Result: Major improvement. 





Pages Crawled by GooglePages-Crawled-1-Week-after-Redesign

On average, Google crawled 72,000 pages on HookandBullet nightly. Following the re-design that number jumped to a high of 304,920 pages crawled in a single night representing a 324% increase.

Result: Major improvement. 


Take Away

The initial results indicate a major improvement. We’ll be keeping an eye on all of the key metrics, and share those in subsequent updates.