As data nerds we rely on data to make decisions. Our preferred website tracking system is Google Analytics (we also know Omniture, and others) as it’s free, robust, is integrated with other Google products, and we’re fully certified on its platform. We offer a variety of services related to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics is a robust tool. It’s critical that it be setup correctly to track the behavior that will allow you to recognize trends, opportunities, and issues when they occur.

These are some of the things we can determine with a correctly setup Google Analytics account:

  • Age and Gender of your users
  • Location and Language of your users
  • What your users Interests are (e.g. Movie Lovers, Outdoor enthusiasts, etc)
  • What device users accessed your site with
  • How users found your site
  • How much time users spent on the site
  • What action users took on the site
  • If a user made a purchase or not
  • What pages and content are having the greatest impact

Google Analytics Goals

Goals are where things get really interesting in Google Analytics. It’s where we set a goal, or a series of goals, for which we can assign a dollar amount to if we wish. And we track the effectivity of the site at accomplishing those goals. In many cases we like to use primary, secondary, and tertiary goals as we value various actions on the site. We are experts at setting up goals (simple or complex) so you have the data you need to determine what is and is not working.

Google Analytics Reports

Few business leaders have the the time to dig around through extensive data to answer basic questions about the health and performance of a website.  As certified Google Analytics experts, we create Custom Reporting Dashboard for our clients. This ensure you have the data you need to make decisions all in an easy to access central spot. Here’s we’ll able to track things like:

  • How your traffic is trending
  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • If your SEO, Social Media, or Advertising campaigns are generating traffic
  • If your SEO, Social Media, or Advertising campaigns are generating revenue

We routinely setup custom reporting dashboards for clients who want the key data at their fingertips, and we can help you too.

Google Analytics Certified

It’s critical that we understand what people are searching for in relation to your services and products, and so we perform a Keyword Research and Analysis to determine what terms and phrases are searching on most. We use that keyword data to identify opportunities at each stage of the purchasing process to capture customers and grow your business. This ensures that you are creating content which

will have a positive impact on your traffic and brand.

A typical product of this process lays out:

  • What keywords and phrases to target on your site
  • What articles, blogs, and videos to create to boost your brand
  • The potential traffic for each keyword or phrase
  • The competition level for each keyword or phrase
  • The priority for each each keyword or phrase

Google Analytics Audits

When Google Analytics is not correctly setup, problems can incur. Those problems most often materialize as distrust for the accuracy of the data. If you feel like your Analytics data is inaccurate, there are several potential causes of this issue. We offer Google Analytics Audits to identify problem areas, complete with the actions that need to be taken to remedy the issue.

Google Search Console Setup

Google has provided a tool where webmaster and SEO nerds like us can communicate with them about changes to a site, view site speed and performance, identify problem areas, see sites the way they see them, and much more. It’s called Google Search Console. We are power users of this system. We make sure Google knows every time we make a key change to the site, and we make sure we know what issues Google has flagged for us to address to improve our overall performance.

We regularly setup Search Console (aka. Google Webmaster Tools) for Clients who want to see more immediate results, and who are striving to optimize their position in search results.

SEO Testimonials

Ken has a unique ability to seamlessly blend SEO considerations with the utmost concern for usability while still hitting the mark for monetizing our web properties.
Nick A., iSpot TV
Being on a project with Ken meant that things would be super organized, thought out, and have the input of all of the major stake holders. It would blend together all of the important aspects of UI/UX design and would treat SEO as a major consideration instead of an after thought.
Amin T., Rightside
Ken is a super sharp entrepreneur and visionary. He is able to lead teams that build products with high emphasis on usability and SEO in mind. His collaborative personality and leadership with strong ownership of products and deliverables makes him perfect for any company.
Marcin N., SEO Moz
Ken is a true genius at creating, managing and monetizing web properties. At, he led an amazing team to create the #1 outdoor destination website in the USA, and now he’s at it again with! I have had a truly amazing time working with Ken on our monetization efforts.
Erik M., Shelfbucks
Ken is by far one of the most insightful people I have worked with. He has an amazing attitude and resonates passion towards web technology in everything he does. He truly gets excited about problems, solving them, and using web technology to do so. Ken loves to move quickly, get things done, and have an impact. I find it amazingly easy to work with Ken when dealing with SEO.
Dave N., Urban Spoon
Ken leads and manages the business with an entrepreneurial focus and intensity.His ability to build large amounts of traffic while maintaining the integrity of the Trails brand is tremendous. The one thing that separates Ken from other website managers that I’ve worked with is his ability to effectively monetize incoming traffic and focus his efforts on the highest ROI ventures.
Jim B., Workday