If you have a website you’ve probably heard that content is king, and well, it is important but it’s the content plan that reigns supreme. Why? Because if we don’t have a plan, then we’re winging it and that’s a sure way to waste time and money on your content investment.

SEO Content

Google rewards sites who write content that solves problems and answers questions. It stands to reason that SEO Content must do those two things. However, it also needs to have optimized titles so people can find it. Without SEO good content gets overlooked every day, and that’s just wasteful.

SEO Content Writing

We provide all of our clients with support through the content writing process, ensuring every piece of content you create serves a purpose, answers a questions, and solves a problem . . . and here’s the important part . . . that people are actually searching for. After all, what could be worse than creating some awesome piece of content that nobody ever looks for?

Content Marketing

There is a lot of buzz around the content marketing term. It’s simple really, it’s an approach to creating content to attract an audience, and then entice that audience to take action (buy, contact, like, share, etc). SEO is at the very hear to content marketing as it drives the traffic. If content marketing is something you’re excited about then we can help at the front end of the process by generating article titles that people search for, and that attract visitors.