As data nerds we rely on data to make decisions. While we’re trained on other systems we favor the Google SEO Tools as they are free, robust, are integrated with other Google products, and we’re fully certified on them. We offer a variety of services related to Google SEO Tools.

Google Analytics Setup and Reporting

Google Analytics is a robust tool. It’s critical that it be setup correctly to track the behavior that will allow you to recognize trends, opportunities, and issues when they occur.

These are some of the things we can determine with a correctly setup Google Analytics account:

  • Age and Gender of your users
  • Location and Language of your users
  • What your users Interests are (e.g. Movie Lovers, Outdoor enthusiasts, etc)
  • What device users accessed your site with
  • How users found your site
  • How much time users spent on the site
  • What action users took on the site
  • If a user made a purchase or not
  • What pages and content are having the greatest impact

Few business leaders have the the time to dig around through extensive data to answer basic questions about the health and performance of a website.  As certified Google Analytics experts, we create Custom Reporting Dashboard for our clients. This ensure you have the data you need to make decisions all in an easy to access central spot. Here’s we’ll able to track things like:

  • How your traffic is trending
  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • If your SEO, Social Media, or Advertising campaigns are generating traffic
  • If your SEO, Social Media, or Advertising campaigns are generating revenue

We routinely setup custom reporting dashboards for clients who want the key data at their fingertips, and we can help you too.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a very useful tool which can minimize the scripts running on your site by managing the Javascript and HTML tags thru this system. Tag Manager will allow you to publish changes without touching your site when done right. We are GTM experts, and we can implement on your site, or improve an existing implementation.

Google Search Console

Google has provided a tool where webmaster and SEO experts like us can communicate with them about changes to a site, view site speed and performance, identify problem areas, see sites the way they see them, and much more. It’s called Google Search Console. We are power users of this system. We make sure Google knows every time we make a key change to the site, and we make sure we know what issues Google has flagged for us to address to improve our overall performance.

We regularly setup Search Console (aka. Google Webmaster Tools) for Clients who want to see more immediate results, and who are striving to optimize their position in search results.

Google Certified

We are fully certified with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and Google AdWords (fundamentals and search certified).