What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is the process of buying traffic through paid search from services such as Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, or LinkedIn Advertising. The process is simple, the client specifies how much they’ll pay for a click of a specific keyword, and when a user clicks on their ad they are charged. AdWords shows ads on the search results page, and on websites (known as publishers) across the internet that have enrolled with their service. Publishers are compensated when users click on an ad. We can help you grow your traffic with Search Engine Marketing.


SEO and SEM are closely related – one is focused on winning in organic traffic and the other on winning in paid search. However, the lessons learned from one can be carried over and applied to the other. So for keywords which convert well from organic search can be leveraged to build high converting campaigns in SEM as well, saving money which may have otherwise been spent on less fruitful keywords. The lessons from each can impact and benefit the other, and so we offer SEM services to our existing SEO clients.

SEM Throw Down

We are so confident in the advantages of leveraging SEO learnings to bear lessons for SEM that we’re willing to challenge your current SEM provider to a competition whereby we’ll run a separate campaign to demonstrate without risk that our methodology will produce better results for you and your website.