Off Page SEO refers to a number of things which occur behind the scenes, but when we boil it down it all falls into three relevant areas – link building, implementing redirects, addressing errors, and communicating all of that to Google.

SEO Link Building

SEO Link Building is the process of attaining back links from other website, thereby sending users and search engines from their site to yours, and sorta sharing their SEO strength with you. While we do not offer a link building service because we feel it’s spammy and easily perceived as such by Google, we do outline for our clients the strategy to attain quality links.

Error Monitoring

We keep a watchful eye on Google Search Console, and the Crawl Errors in particular. When we see an issue we jump in and address it so you don’t have to, and so your SEO is not impacted.


Redirects are the process of telling Google that a URL has changed. It’s normal for URLs to change when titles are changed, when a website is moved to a new domain, when a sub-domain is replaced, etc. The method we have for communicating these redirects is via a 301 (permanent redirect) or 302 (temporary redirect). The good news is that we handle redirects for our clients and projects so you don’t have to.

Communicating with Google

We have tools at our disposal, and methods to leverage, which allow us to communicate with Google. One such tool is Google Search Console, which we monitor with regularity to ensure when there are issues we know about it and can spring into action. We offer this service to our Webable clients.