There was a time when I believed price was the most important criteria for any purchase or investment.  If it was a deal, I was interested.

Now, it seems obvious to me that things like quality, fit, timeliness, and maintenance costs are all equally relevant considerations when making a purchase. Take buying a car, for example. To buy a car strictly based on price you might peruse eBay or AutoTrader. If you were to select a car based on the lowest price, you might very well end up with a lemon that costs you much more in the long run than buying the mid- or highest-price car.

Well, the same is true for web development. A very large number of the sites we see on the web were developed by inexperienced developers, the cheapest bidders, or overseas in countries where English is not spoken. I’ve tried it for myself, and here’s what I’ve experienced:

  • Development has most often been done in the way that is quickest for the developer. Since this is generally a “one and done” deal where no support is offered, the absolute bear minimum is done. You can expect that a lot of corners have been cut so they can move onto the project.
  • With speed comes mistakes – expect a good number of bugs.
  • Don;t expect much in terms of  post-launch support – once the payment is released, so is the support.

When selecting a web developer, you should choose wisely. Select an agency with a good track record, reasonable prices, and a support plan. Review LinkedIn referrals, expect a thorough contract and milestone plan, and professional conduct.

It will all prove to be cheaper in the long run.